Have you ever heard about that blue lady in wind

Once upon a time, there was a blue lady who always releases her hair in the wind and allows wind to take her every where, so she became a famous traveller in the sky. All people in that region knew her and when she passed by, they waved her, some one threw some stones, flowers or other things to her. Someone believed in her and someone thought that she was a hag.

Day in, day out she passed and the wind carried her all places. That special day, it was cloudy, she was upset, and she didn’t know why she was in bad mood. Wind was blowing and taking her as fast as it can, suddenly they arrived to a region which had been covered by some silver metals. She wondered that where she was? Every thing was shining like silver. She felt something in her heart, yeah, it was love. She fell in love with that huge and great silver land. Just asked wind to cease blowing then suddenly fell down.

Now, she is still living with that blue-silver sea, that handsome blue-silver man name is Caspian-sea and mythic stories called her blue lady of Caspian-sea.

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